Buxton Museum and Art Gallery is delighted to have been awarded a £869,000 Heritage Lottery Fund grant to deliver Collections in the Landscape. The project will bring bring context and collections together to engage more people with their heritage. Our aims are:

  • To improve public access to museum collections through development of virtual resources.
  • To improve public access to museum collections through the redevelopment of the principal gallery, Wonders of the Peak.
  • Enable schools and researcher to more effectively access and engage with heritage.
  • Link collections and knowledge through a network of partnerships and volunteer programmes.
  • To develop and share curatorial skills, ethical practice and digital media skills with staff, visitors, non-visitors and volunteers.

To achieve these aims we will develop three approaches to collections:

  1. Wonders of the Peak
    We will redevelop the ‘Wonders of the Peak’ gallery at the museum – displaying more objects and using the latest techniques and technologies to make better connections between our collections and the landscapes associated with them.
  2. Pocket Wonders
    Delivering digital content to visitors in the landscape through mobile technology, extending the ‘Buxton Museum experience’ into the visitor’s pocket.
  3. Armchair Wonders
    Publishing and distributing content online, accessible anywhere in the world.

This blog will follow the development of the project as we pilot ideas and work with partners to turn the dream outlined above into reality!

To achieve this we’d like help from the people who live, work and play in Derbyshire and the Peak District. People like you!

As we develop this project we’ll need to draw on local knowledge, pilot our ideas with members of the public and use community networks to help spread the word.

If you’d like to get involved or want more information, find or follow us on social media or contact us today!

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