Wonders of the Peak – Gallery

Wonders of the Peak is the principle gallery at Buxton Museum & Art Gallery. It first opened in 1988 and tells the story of the Peak District from the Lower Carboniferous (330 millions years go) through to the present day. The original exhibition was built on a small budget, but the creativity and resourcefulness of the museum team produced a space that won BBC Natural History, ‘Museum of the Year’ in 1989.

After more than 25 years we have the opportunity to reinvent and update the Wonders of the Peak for future generations. Our collections have grown and developed, including star objects such as the Kirk Ireton Hoard and the Reynard’s Kitchen CaveHoard (on long-term loan from the National Trust). Technology has also moved on, opening up new opportunities for interactivity and connectivity. Finally, museum visitors are also changing, with new expectations and demands on the way they engage with the past.

Collections in the Landscape will deliver a dramatic redevelopment of the Wonders of the Peak. You can keep-up with our progress by checking out our blog posts about the gallery.


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