Moving forward with our mobile apps

We have been working hard to create content for four Collections in the Landscape apps. This has included photographing objects, researching and writing texts and recording oral histories. Last week we delivered everything to our digital consultant and are waiting excitedly to see what they come up with. It is going to be great to see our ideas in reality, albeit a digital reality.

Dovedale mobile app
The four apps are designed to be used outside the museum and link the landscape back to our objects. This means in the future you will be able to download for free; an app to interpret Arbor Low, a fun family trail for Dovedale, an audio tour of Buxton and memories of Buxton shops app.

Arbor Low


There are some really interesting museum apps out there such as Brighton Museum’s Story Drop, Petrie Museum’s 3D Petrie and National Museums Scotland’s Capture the Museum.  Hopefully ours will be as fun, informative and user-friendly as these. 

We aim to test the apps with the public in late February and March and are looking for people to test the apps in-situ.  We will be arranging some events in due course (probably involving tea and cake) so watch this space!

In the meantime do let us know if you have used any museum apps and what you thought of them.  Any advice for ours?