Museum Apps

There are currently four pilot trails available to follow in the landscape. They can accessed on any device with an internet connection, however please note that mobile internet will be required to follow the trails in the landscape.

Visit to find out more and have a go!

Alternatively, dive right in through the links below.

Buxton Waters

 DERSB 2004.45.191

Roman soldiers, Mary Queen of Scots, Manchester United footballers, the rich and famous, the infirm – all lured by our healing spring waters. Now it’s your turn!
Ideal for: school groups, visitors to Buxton, Buxton Residents.


Stories of Shopping

DERSB 59885

Buxton residents remember the sights, the smells, the excitement of 50 years of shopping in Spring Gardens.
Ideal for: Buxton residents, visitors to Buxton


The Mysterious Arbor Low

lantern slide - druids.tif

Find out about the archaeological investigations into Arbor Low and its mysterious history.
Ideal for: walkers, visitors to the Peak District, archaeology students


The Dovedale Family Activity Tour

DERSB 100182.1

A fun adventure for families to do together in beautiful Dovedale. Get ready to laugh and learn!
Ideal for: families, schools, young children


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