The Great Decant of 2016

The upstairs of the museum feels very quiet now that the Wonders of the Peak Gallery and Gallery 1 are closed. Behind the doors however, there has been a hive of activity.


The cave area of the Wonders of the Peak Gallery

We have begun the process of decanting all the objects that were on display in the Wonders of the Peak Gallery into Gallery 1. This process involves condition checking, photographing and packing each object and then documenting its new location on our Modes database (our collections management system). There are over 1000 objects that need to go through this, ranging from tiny Neolithic beads to a large Roman altar and of course, the bear.  This will be a lengthy and at times monotonous task but luckily we have a great team of volunteers who are assisting us.

Many of the objects will end up back on display in the new gallery but until then they need to be stored securely and we need to be able to lay our hands on them quickly.


Introducing the ‘Project Space’ formerly known as Gallery 1

Gallery 1 has been transformed into the ‘project space’ and this will be open to the public next month so you can come and see what we are up to.



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