Fifty Shades of Grey Ware

Grey ware is, possibly, the most common form of pottery found at Roman sites across Britain. This was a locally made, functional pottery used for cooking, food service, and storage, by, both, the Roman army and local Celtic tribes.

50 Sherds of Grey Ware

Grey ware would not win any prizes in a pottery beauty contest nor would it be the kind of best china that would live in a cabinet, only to be brought out during a visit from the local soothsayer. That honour was reserved for the more decorative Samian ware; imported from Gaul by the invading Romans. Grey ware is, though, a testament as to how local resources — mud grey clay and the knowledge of pottery production — could be used to create a thriving and prosperous trade by the tribes that opted to do business with the Romans.

Samian Bowl made in the style of Germanus with…

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