Canine Capers at the Melandra Balneae (Baths)

Imagine the sight of a small dog causing chaos as it is chased around camp by battle hardened Roman legionaries in an attempt to stop it treading on, and ruining, the wet cement and tiles that the engineer corps have just spent hours carefully laying and shaping.  Perhaps, the dog belonged to the soldiers stationed at this freezing, northern outpost of the Roman Empire (Glossop to you and I). Or, maybe it had roamed away from the the nearby Brigante settlements; the tribe of Britons that dominated Derbyshire during the 1st and 2nd centuries. The dog could have even belonged to the warrior Queen of the Brigante, Cartismandua. A shrewd politician and leader who kept her tribe safe and free for twenty eight years of the Roman occupation but would, ultimately, be remembered as a traitor. The Ancient Britons were known for their use of war-dogs in battle and so…

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