Melandra: First Impressions from a Roman Soldier?

We are standing at the edge of the civilised world, our homeland, Germanium, far behind us. Now we are Roman Army auxiliaries: the engineers and fighters of the 1st Cohort Frisiavones.

Before us, thick dark forests cover the hills, as they roll outwards, as far as the eye can see.

Looking North-West from Melandra

To the East, jagged outcrops of rock tower above us, pierced by tree-spiked peaks, like broken, bloodied, spears, clashing in the heat of battle. In the valleys below, the cursed marshlands where sickness and evil spirits dwell among the insect ridden, muddy bogs. Hostile tribes surround us. War with the Brigantes has led us to this broken wooden outpost.

View to the East from Melandra


Here we will build a fort of stone. Here we will stand and fight. It is here that we Frisiavones will leave our mark.

Roman Cohort 1st Frisiavones. 108 AD


Stone laid by 1st Frisiavones under the command of Centurian Valerius Vitalis. About AD 108.

Note: Melandra is the modern place name for this area. The Roman name for Melandra was ARDOTALIA



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