Getting Creative with Content

Collections in the Landscape is all about giving audiences more choice about how they access and engage with their heritage. Our developmental work, and previous projects and exhibitions, have all generated lots of quality digital content, incorporating images, audio, video and text. We’re already beginning to use certain digital platforms with some degree of success, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many means available to share this content as widely, and as creatively, as possible. After a quick research session, here are three of my favourites. Watch this space to see how we might use these in the near future!

History Pin
Our Buxton Shops pilot features images from the Board Collection, which captures bygone Buxton in a fantastic range of archive photographs. Some of these can already be found on Picture the Past. History Pin offers another platform which seems perfectly suited for such images.

history pin

History Pin Map, centred around Buxton

The concept is simple, upload your images through the platform and ‘pin’ them to a Google Map. The result of multiple users uploading content is a rich resource of historic images, all attached to specific places which can then be searched or filtered by visitors to the site or web app. I particularly like the ‘Collections’ option, which will allow us to bring any History Pin content together as Collections in the Landscape.

Every Trail
This site allows users to find and follow ‘trips’ shared by others or to record and create their own trail. The platform has a large, international community of users and is available as a handy app for phone or tablet. By adding content to Every Trail, we have the opportunity to reach an established audience.


Every Trail homepage

Every Trail homepage


Trips are basically a series of points, linked up to form the complete route. At each point the user can attach a number of different types of media, including text, image, audio and links to video or other web content. In its most simple form a trip could just be a series of directions or photographs, but obviously there’s the opportunity to attach richer, more engaging content for users to explore.

This app (pronounced ‘scavenger’) is a location-based game where users ‘Go Places, Do Challenges and Earn Points’. There’s a neat video about it on SCVNGR’s Vimeo channel. This platform could add an extra layer of interactivity to our content

SCVNGR Homepage

SCVNGR Homepage

SCVNGR allows a user to create ‘Challenges’ which are attached to specific locations alongside other multimedia content. Once made public, other users who visit this locality can have a go and earn themselves points.

Challenges can be as simple as ‘checking in’ or taking and uploading a photo but can also be more tricky, such as solving riddles or clues. The points earned by users add an element of competition to the platform and in some cases can be exchanged for rewards by participating institutions.

Just writing about these platforms has got me fired up to try something out! I hope we can announce something soon. In the meantime, keep your eyes on the blog…


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